Tonnes of Bales to All Aroud The World !

         Collecting & Sorting


 We collect used clothing, shoes, bags, blankets, belts and accessories from across South Korea and keep them in our warehouse.  The clothing which cannot be resoled are sorted out and sent to the manufacturing companies being used as wiper rags. 


 Only the quality clothing is carefully sorted into Grade AA, Grade A and Grade B by their status of quality and also Tropical Clothing, Spring Clothing and Winter Clothing by season.



         Packing in Bales


 Our standard packing for 80Kgs & 100Kgs bales are rock solid which makes it practically impossible for anyone to open them. In addition, we use our own packing wrapping with our logo so that our customers can figure out our items easily and quickly. 


 The bales (80Kgs/100Kgs) are loaded neatly and safely to 40ft high cube container or 20ft container. We normally load 270-280 bales in 40ft container and about 130 bales in 20ft container.



         Delivering to Overseas


 Having more than 10 years of experience in secondhand clothing industry, we have been exporting secondhand products to almost all around the world such as Africa, Middle East, Asia and South America. 


 We try our very best to satisfy our buyers with quality and trust. We even get you the best ocean freight rate possible. Your success is our success !



         New to Someone


 Even though it starts from a small local area here in Korea, all of our clothing is new to someone living in somewhere over the ocean. This is very important to us and core value to our company.


 This is why we do this business.