If you are looking for a young and trustworthy supplier of quality used clothing and clearance clothing in Korea, You are on the right track and it is time for you to contact us !

            WHY WE DO THIS


  We believe that all of our efforts are meaningful to this planet so, we have a great pride in working in this recycling and eco-friendly industry.


 We take also environmental responsibilities seriously. We resell the clothing which can't be resold as other useful items like wiper rags that are used in the manufacturing industry.


We save tons of textiles this way everyday.




 All of our clothing is collected from South Korea and carefully graded by our specially trained teams in our own warehouse.


   We are confident and guarantee the quality of our products so, it is always welcome to visit our factory and see how we sort out the quality clothing.



                MUTUAL TRUST


 We have been establishing trustworthy relationships with lots of promising buyers in Africa, Middle East, Asia and South America.


 Our top priority is a mutual trust with our buyers.